Joel Sanders Boatcast – Swans are not Fenders. Guests: Two Fish

Young newlywed boaters, Ed & Carli Fish have been boating for 3 years. We were double moored together in East London and bumped into each other again on the Grand Union this week. In this fun discussion, we talk about  the etiquette of double mooring and what it’s like to be newbies living afloat in our overcrowded metropolis.

You can read more about their experiences at Carli’s superb boating blog.


Joel Sanders Boatcast – Swans are not Fenders. Guest: Dave Tonner


Dave Tonner, the warden at Apsley marina, is Joel’s oldest boating friend. Apsley is where Joel began his life on a narrowboat. Amongst other topics, they discuss marinas vs life on the towpath, Apsley’s connection with the Kray Twins, the Hemel Hempstead court appearance which caused Joel to leave and the day Dave found a dead body.



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