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A few £5 Early Bird Tickets for 2018 Angry Boater shows in London


‘The Angry Boater’ will be live in London early in 2018 for 8 Tuesday night shows in Kings Cross (2 Northdown) and The Angel, Islington (The Bill Murray)

60 minutes of Boatilicious joy including……

……awkward encounters with other boaters, fishermen & Russell Brand

……the 7 deadly questions of boating,

…. pump-outs, enforcement, boat-rage 

……. & discover how many boaters it takes to change a lightbulb.


New London Show in Kings Cross, London: Sat Dec 2nd – 9 PM


  • Now in its 4th year.

Think your life isn’t going to plan?

Comedian Joel Sanders used to perform in Vegas.

Now he’s back in London…. living on a canal boat.

‘The Angry Boater’ is the original, boatilicious comedy show about what it’s really like to abandon the land for life on the water.

“Jews DON’T live on boats!” he was warned.

Just for once, maybe he should have listened….