Angry Boater live on Widgeon Theatreboat (moored Yiewsley / Cowley )

Event Details


Tickets just £5.

Tonight’s show will take place on board Widgeon Theatreboat and is a preview performance prior to the August 2018 residency  at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

‘Widgeon’ will be moored on the public towpath across from Packet Boat marina. If you were to walk onto the towpath from Tesco Yiewsley car park and turn right, you will walk into Widgeon before reaching Packet Boat Lane.



What really happens when you abandon the land to follow your dreams?

Now in its fourth year, the glorious, comedic voyage from suburbia to comes to Uxbridge.

“Hugely Enjoyable Show.” – John Fleming ‘So It Goes’

“Compelling Storyteller.” – Reno Gazette Journal

Following a eureka moment in Hemel Hempstead, Joel Sanders bought a narrowboat and moved into Apsley Marina. Frozen water pipes, exploding toilet tanks and £600 monthly mooring fees …. finally he was living the dream.

Once again, his infatuation had overwhelmed him. It was irresponsible, spontaneous and, against the odds, it made him happy….. for a while.

The trouble with cutting out old stresses is that new ones soon come along.

Following a court appearance testifying against some locals who had been terrorising the marina, Joel fell out of love with Hemel Hempstead, untied his ropes and headed for London.

A thrilling adventure … for a while.

Conflicts with other boaters & local residents, archaic laws & traditions, overcrowding, the 7 deadly questions of boating, crime-sprees and lock-rage.

‘Angry Boater’ is a glorious adventure full of twists, turns & big laughs from a comedian who spent a decade working across the USA, appearing on shows with the likes of Robin Williams & Chris Rock …. followed by another decade in the UK, floating around on a canal boat.

Top notch entertainment for boat-lovers, boat-haters & anyone who loves a great story.

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