‘Does it get cold in the Winter?’ Podcast

033:Jasmin from ‘This Narrowboat Adventure’

032:Sam Thomas: CRT’s Customers Operations Manager for London.
031:Gareth London Mooring Ranger
030:London Mooring Strategy Meeting – Kings Cross – 28/11/2017.
029:The Edward Snowden of Boating aka Lindsey Hood.
028:Pancho from Peru
027:New London Boater meets old London Boater 
026:The 13 Year Old Continuous Cruiser on the Crystal Ship 

025:Russell Brand Narrowboat Nightmare + floating Hemeloids.

024: Raymond Against the Machine with Raymond from Dreamcatcher.

023: Poseidson – God of Water aka Jon Guest – London Waterways Manager for The Canal & River Trust
022: Lindsey Hood – Part 2

021: Lindsey Hood – Panic on the fleets of London

020: David Wright – East Coast Marine Heating & Electronics
019: John Hill – Springer Mobile Mechanic

018: Janul aka Lady Shitanic on the perils of buying or selling a boat.
017:Johnny Diesel Part 2 + Broken Pump Out Latest Dramas

016:Day of failing to unblock toilet tank. 15 minutes of Despair whilst high on Acid.
015:No guest. Just me talking to myself for 25 minutes at the end of a failed day to pump out my toilet.

014: Johnny ‘Diesel’ Paterson – Superhero for London Boaters
013: Kit Redstone – Transgender Boater on a Widebeam.

012: Coal Boat Secrets – Podcast episode with Tom Bier & Steff Coath.

Dick Vincent from the Canal & River Trust

The Compodcast. Toilet talk with Compost Queen, Kate Saffin

Anarchy on the Waterways with guest, John Privett

Martyn Whitwell – Extreme Narrowboating

Paul Curtis – One Way to sink a Boat

Mikaela Parrack from the Canal & River Trust


Pumpout Warren from Picot

No Skills, No Patience, A Childhood Dream… and a Boat


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