Interview Highlights from This Narrowboat Adventure

2018 Promo Video

Live at 2 Northdown, Kings Cross. December 2017

Live in London filmed by Plymouth Diverse Productions
Live at Ollie Vee’s, Leighton Buzzard July 2017
Rehearsal of ‘Rules for Pratts’ featuring John Ellis

Angry Boater – Keith meets ‘Keith’ – from the recent Plymouth Diverse Productions Shoot at The Backyard Comedy Club./div>

The Angry Boater – a short film

 ….. and here’s an even more unusual promo for the show.

I used to make lots of these. Here’s a few of my favourites (not all boat related).

PRINCE fans queuing outside London’s Ronnie Scotts

This is a recent film from when I was moored up in Camden. ‘Prince’ was in London and creating mayhem by announcing low key gigs with just a few hours notice. He announced a Camden gig at ‘Koko’ and I chatted to some people in the queue. Their stories were fascinating. The next day, he announced another show at Ronnie Scott’s and I decided to show up with my camera.

The Special relationship between England and America

This is a compilation from my occasionally fearless & frequently immature conversations with Americans as they attempted to go about their business (mostly in the Deep South). I used to work in the USA as a touring comedian and would occupy my days by making these short films. You can find them all on YouTube but this is a few highlights taken from a bunch of them.
Stand Up Comedy Performance at The Comedy Caravan, Louisville, Kentucky

A short of clip from one of my favourite American comedy clubs.
Stand Up Comedy Performance in Paris

A more recent clip where I thought it would be a good idea to perform in French (I don’t speak French).

I took my narrowboat onto the tidal Thames a couple of years ago and kept a camera on the roof for the entire Limehouse to Brentford trip. Here it is, sped up. At the end, there was nearly 2 ft of water in my engine bay. Never again!

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