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Angry Boater Ep 3 – John Ellis (musician, ex-Stranglers, arty punkster)

John Ellis discusses The Stranglers, superfans, his music, band politics, Adam Ant, The Stranglers, Pete Hamill, meltdowns and his time with the greatest band of all time – The Stranglers. He sings a bit too.

Angry Boater Ep 2 – Laine Hines (Blues guitarist & son of Denny Laine)

Laine Hines – son of Denny Laine – is a fine purveyor of the Blues. I chanced upon him in East London at an Open Mic night and his performance mesmerised me. On this podcast, we discuss growing up with a famous father, a lost ‘Mull of Kintyre’ demo tape & what it means to be ‘in the moment’ when connecting with an audience. Laine sings a couple of songs too.

The Blind Dredger


I was heading down the Lower Lee yesterday. Ahead of me and on my left, adjacent to another vessel, was a stationary dredger boat.

I slowed down but – as I was driving past – the dredger sprang into action. From nothing, amid an almighty wash, the dredger’s stern rapidly move into my path. It was going to hit me and I didn’t have time to get out of the way.

Figuring that the driver had not seen me, I sounded my horn. The dredger stopped and a collision was avoided.

As I was passing, annoyed as I felt, I waved at the driver. No harm done, I figured. We all make mistakes, right? She responded by shaking her head – a disapproving shake that said I was an idiot boater who didn’t know what he was doing.
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My brief encounters with Robin Williams


My living room was once filled with framed photos of me with famous people. There were no pictures of family or friends – just me with famous people. My self esteem was low enough that I wanted to remind myself – on a daily basis – of moments when others who had achieved more with their lives than I, had crossed my path. I may not have attained Greatness myself but, by God, I’d certainly been in the company of it.
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Boat Evacuation – Moored by a Bomb (in Hackney)


For a while, I’d been moored near the Olympic Park, adjacent to a construction site. I liked it there.

It was a Friday morning and, oblivious to the world beyond, I was swimming 20 lengths in the nearby Olympic pool. I liked it there too.

Around this time, one of the construction workers unearthed a 5 lb unexploded cluster bomb from World War 2. Continue reading Boat Evacuation – Moored by a Bomb (in Hackney)