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Angry Boater: 9 shows in Kings Cross, Angel & Limehouse from Feb to April


‘The Angry Boater’ is live in London throughout Feb & March for 8 Tuesday night shows in Kings Cross (2 Northdown) and The Angel, Islington (The Bill Murray) +  Wed, April 11th at Limehouse Cruising Association.



Following an encounter with some quirky boat people in Hemel Hempstead, Joel Sanders bought a narrowboat and lived with them in Apsley Marina. Frozen water pipes, exploding toilet tanks and £600 monthly parking spaces – this was absolutely how things were supposed to be.

Yet again, his infatuation had overwhelmed him. It was irresponsible, spontaneous and, against the odds, it made him happy….. for a while.

The trouble with cutting out old stresses is that new ones soon come along.

Following a court appearance testifying against some locals who had been terrorising the marina, Joel fell out of love with it. He headed for London.

A thrilling adventure … for a while.

Conflicts with other boaters & local residents, archaic laws, overcrowding, the 7 deadly questions of boating, crime-sprees, lock-rage, pump-outs, wind chimes and Russell Brand.

‘The Angry Boater’ is a glorious 60 minute adventure full of twists, turns & big laughs from a comedian who spent a decade working across the USA, appearing on shows with the likes of Robin Williams & Chris Rock …. followed by another decade in the UK, floating around on a canal boat.

Top notch entertainment for boat-lovers, boat-haters & anyone who loves a great story.

“Hugely Enjoyable Show.” – John Fleming ‘So It Goes’ 

“Compelling Storyteller.” – Reno Gazette Journal 

“Loaded with absurd anecdotes ….. the wait for his punchlines is always worth it.” – Jewish Renaissance 

This is the original, boatilicious show about what it’s really like to abandon the land for life on the water.