028 Pancho from Peru (on a Springer – not canoe)

‘Angry Boater’ will be live at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a part of ‘Laughing Horse Free Festival.’ Showtimes, twice daily, from Aug 2 to 26 (not Tuesdays) at Finnegans Wake 3.45 pm to 4.45 pm & City Cafe (Ninties Room) 7.25 pm to 8.25 pm.



In November 2017, as I was struggling to handle a tricky mooring situation in Little Venice, another boater helped me out. This was my first meeting with Pancho. He’s helpful … and from Peru. He’s lived on his boat for just 6 months. 

In this podcast, we talk about being helpful, Faith and the nature of community – online,  in London and on the waterways. Pancho talks about his best friend’s suicide and how this affected his outlook. Joel talks about 2 incidents he experienced on the Hammersmith & City line this week. 

There are several references to an earlier conversation that was supposed to appear at the end of the episode but the audio file was accidentally deleted. The interesting stuff is all in this section though. 

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